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We are Coastal Picture

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Living, working and playing in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

About Coastal Picture

I came to Canada in 2014 to study and fell in love with British Columbia, Vancouver Island and the Sea to Sky area. Before, during and after the Master of Global Business program with the University of Victoria I lived, studied and worked on 4 continents and have visited over 30 countries worldwide which all had something special. BC however, is what I can truly call home now. With Coastal Picture I want to create platform to share pictures, videos and blogs to showcase both the places I visited and my home to the world. I have a passion for city development & smart city technology, sustainable infrastructure and biophilic architecture. Through having lived in many coastal communities and cities around the world the protection and clean up of our oceans, lakes and waterways is one of my key goals and I try to support with donations of profits this website generates as well as beach clean ups and recycling at home.

If you are interested in using some of content for your social media channels please send me quick message below or DM me via instagram #coastalpicturebc.

The Coastal Picture logo

The logo of Coastal picture symbolizes both the ocean and the mountains - two things that I can truly connect with and love. Both mountains and the ocean can create great experiences. It can be anything from spectacular mountain views, rewarding hikes, unexpected wildlife sightings or a simple morning surf session. The background of our logo stands for the vast, blue and unexplored ocean while the mountain shape in the front shows the constantly changing seasons of living in the mountains. I am lucky to live in a place that is shaped by both mountains and the ocean.

Coastal Picture on YouTube

Subscribe to our Youtube channel. You can find us at Coastal Picture for the most up to date content and videos.

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